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Mitigation Specialist



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2017 NJDC

Leadership Summit Faculty

Anthony has participated on the national stage in New Mexico as Faculty at the National Juvenile Defender Center Leadership Summit teaching attorneys and advocates from around the nation about video advocacy.

2019 KACDL


Anthony has also trained attorneys, social workers and investigators in the public defender system in Kentucky. Training subjects include client interviewing, rapport building, juvenile justice, trauma, youthfuloffender/transfer and of course video advocacy!

Born and raised in Kentucky, I have made a career in helping those most in need as a Social Worker (MSW), and advocating for their rights in the public defender system. The most important thing I have learned from my clients over the years is that everyone has a story....

Having found a natural talent for telling client stories in the court room, I left the Dept. of Public Advocacy and started my own mitigation and video advocacy company, Advocacy in Motion.

Thank you for your interest in my services and I look forward to telling your story.



Alisha Hamilton

Mitigation Specialist

With a Masters in Social Work from the University of Kentucky and 10 years of experience in child welfare, Alisha is an experienced advocate YOU need on your next mitigation case!


Anthony Lee Tanner,


Mitigation Specialist - Advocate - Videographer

Advocacy in Motion was founded by Anthony Lee Tanner, MSW after years of advocating for clients in the public defender system in Kentucky. Having a passion for technology, storytelling and advocacy, Anthony perfected video advocacy for clients with captivating stories for favorable outcomes in the court room.

With a Masters in Social Work, years of legal and video experience, Anthony is your one stop shop for professional mitigation and powerful visual advocacy for you and your clients.

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