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Legal Video Production

Everyone has a story and yours deserves to be presented in the most effective medium possible, video. In the fast paced and impersonal legal process a video from Advocacy in Motion can bring your story, your humanity back into the legal system.

From criminal to civil cases a custom video can restore balance to the scales of justice. You can put your trust in Mitigation Specialist and Videographer Anthony Lee Tanner, MSW for a one stop shop for the perfect partner in your legal and video strategy.

Criminal & Civil Applications

Video Advocacy

Client centered legal storytelling with a professional video producer and mitigation specialist

Day in the Life Documentary

An impactful documentary of someone suffering disabilities through no fault of their own 

Video Depositions

Efficient & cost effective alternative to live testimony or time sensitive interviews

Special Project Production

No matter what your legal video needs are, we are your one stop shop for real results


Voice to the Voiceless

Facing criminal charges or an inhumane sentence can be crushing to you and your family. With over 8 years of criminal defense experience, Anthony Lee Tanner, MSW creates a custom video specific to your case and goals.

Contact Anthony today for a free consultation!

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