the action of reducing the severity, seriousness, or painfulness of something.

Traditional Mitigation Services

Mitigation is an essential part of a proper defense. Anthony is an experienced advocate you can trust for mitigation needs in all types of criminal defense cases




Youthful Offender


Alternative Sentencing


Post Trial

Revocation Hearings

Treatment Planning & Monitoring

Parole Board Advocacy

Clemency Petitions

Biopsychosocial Reports

Exhaustive and factual mitigation reports to help discover the entire narrative and potential legal defenses

Written Storytelling

Compelling narrative reports designed to be shorter, easier reads, tailored to legal decision makers

Alternative Sentencing Plans

Written plans that focus on community treatment alternatives to prison. Custom made for  to increase chances of probation, parole, or other form of release

Consulting & Training

As an expert in sentencing, juvenile interviewing and transfer, Anthony is available for speaking, training and

consulting needs

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