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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why do I need a mitigation specialist?"

A mitigation specialist with Advocacy in Motion is a human behavior degreed professional who can assist in the social history investigation of a defendant. We do not do crime facts investigation, however we look into the background and life circumstances surrounding a client. Then we tailor a written or video advocacy product to tell the client's  story in the court room for better outcomes.

"Who can hire a mitigation specialist?"

Anyone can hire a mitigation specialist. We are hired by private attorneys, public defenders and clients themselves.  Mitigation specialists are typically hired for serious crimes but can also be used in lesser crimes and probate eligible cases. Alternative Sentencing Plans can be effective tools in cases involving mental health and substance use disorders where community treatment is desired over incarceration.

"How much does a mitigation specialist cost?"

Advocacy in Motion offers a range of products and services to meet every budget. If represented by a public defender, the state may cover all costs to hire a mitigation specialist. For more information on pricing, please contact us today for a quote or fee schedule.

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